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  • General Survey Services
    • Road, Canal & Pipe line Alignment and Optimisation
    • Bridge Alignment and Setting out
    • Setting out operation
    • True North Alignment
    • Layout Preparation and Stone Laying
    • Property Survey and Built-Layout Drawing Preparation

  • Field Investigation Services
    • Traffic study
    • Environmental study
    • Feasibility study for Hydraulic Structures and Hydro-electric Projects

  • Laboratory Investigation Services
    • Geotechnical Laboratory facility available at Cochin.

  • Other Geo-Technical Services
    • Soil Exploration
    • Core cutting of rocky strata
    • Wash bore
    • Loading tests for plate & for piles.

  • Topographical Survey Services
    • Boundary Survey
    • Contour Survey
    • Mapping of Existing permanent features like Electric Traction, Telephonic Routes, Canals/Streams, Roads, Pathways, Wells, Buildings, Culverts, Rail crossings, Water Supplies etc.,

  • Survey Equipments used:
    • Sokia PowerSet2010 2" accuracy Electronic Total Station (ETS)
    • Sokia Set5F 5" accuracy ETS
    • Sokia Set500F 5" accuracy ETS
    • Theodalite – Micro Optic Type
    • Sokia C31 Autolevel with biaxial compensator
    • Walkie-Talkies
    • Digital Terrain Model Software for Post-processing

  • Other services offered in Surveying
    • Computer aided Drawings & Data processing using custom made software.

  • Project Consultancy Services
    • Preparation of General Arrangements for Industrial Sites/Factories
    • Recommendation of Foundations
    • Recommendation of RCC/Steel/Pre-cast Structures
    • Schedule of Quantities/Bill of Materials
    • Costing
    • Preparation of Engineering Drawings
    • Project Co-ordination and Implementation
    • Preparation and Certification of Bills for Contractors
    • Plate Load Testing/Pile Load Testing and Reports
    • Mix Design for High Strength Concrete and Pumpable Concrete
    • Testing of Building Materials
    • Conducting Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) etc.,
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